Atherton Forest Mountain Bike Park is a network of purpose-built, single-track mountain bike trails located in the Herberton Range State Forest.  Trails meander through an open forest of gums, bloodwoods, mahoganys, she-oaks, grasstrees and cycads and some of the trails pass former forestry experimental plots of teak, blackbutt and tallowwood trees.


Location:1. Atherton Trailhead and Skills Park, 1 Vernon Street Atherton [-17.265690, 145.474650], or
2. Herberton Range State Forest Trailhead, Rifle Range Road Atherton
Distance:54.4 klms total network of 17 trails
Grade:Varies - includes easy, intermediate and some sections include black (difficult) alternative sections.
Reference: Key to trail grades
Map:Atherton Forest Mountain Bike Park map [PDF]
Park Alerts:Check Park Alerts for the current status of Atherton Forest Mountaik Bike Trails

TrailGrade Distance TimeTrail files
1Easy5.4 klmsAllow 10– to15 mins riding timeTrail 1.gpx
Trail 1.kml
2Easy1.1 kmAllow 4– to 7 mins riding timetrail-02.gpx
3Easy1.7 klmsAllow 4 to 7 mins riding timetrail-03.gpx
4Easy5.4 klmsAllow 10– to 25 mins riding timetrail-04.gpx
5grade31.5 klmsAllow 10 - –20 mins riding timetrail-05.gpx
6grade36.8 klmsAllow 20– to 45 mins riding timeTrail 6.gpx
Trail 6.kml
7grade32.6 klmsAllow 15– to 25 mins riding time.
This trail has a black (difficult) alternative section
Trail 7.gpx
Trail 7.kml
8grade32.3 klmsAllow 15– - 25 mins riding timeTrail 8.gpx
Trail 8.kml
9grade32.3 klmsAllow 5– to 10 mins riding time.
This trail has 3 black (difficult) alternative sections.
Trail 9.gpx
Trail 9.kml
10grade32.8 klmsAllow 10– to 25 mins riding timeTrail 10.gpx
Trail 10.kml
11grade31.6 klmsAllow 8– to15 mins riding time.
This trail has a black (difficult) alternative section
Trail 11.gpx
Trail 11.kml
12grade310.5 klmsAllow 35– to 80 mins riding timeTrail 12.gpx
Trail 12.kml
13grade33.1 klmsAllow 7– to 12 mins riding timeTrail 13.gpx
Trail 13.kml
14grade31.4 klmsAllow 6– to 15 mins riding timeTrail 14.gpx
Trail 14.kml
15Easy0.9 klmsAllow 6– to 15 mins riding timeTrail 15.gpx
Trail 15.kml
16grade33.0 klmsAllow 15 to –30 mins riding timeTrail 16.gpx
Trail 16.kml
17grade32.0 klmsAllow 5– to 10 mins riding timeTrail 17.gpx



Conditions of Use and Trail Etiquette

  • Obey all signage at Atherton Forest Mountain Bike Park.
  • Stay on the trails—riding off trails or short-cutting between trails is prohibited
  • Horses and other vehicles are not permitted on the mountain biking network
  • All users must wear a certified helmet (Australian Standard Certified) at all times.
  • Use appropriate riding equipment including: gloves, enclosed footwear and covered clothing.
  • Be aware of road crossings and give way to vehicles.
  • Slow down when approaching other track users. Alert others when approaching.
  • Maintain at least 50 m between riders.
  • Avoid skidding and sliding—this may result in collision with other trail users and damage to the trail surface.
  • Sylvia Creek can rise rapidly in heavy rain. Beware of swift flowing water.
  • Service roads in the Atherton Forest Mountain Bike Park allow for injured riders and damaged bikes to be retrieved from the network. Make note of the location of the roads on the and as you ride the trails.
  • Use may be restricted for safety reasons at various times or for special events.
  • Spectators must remain at a safe distance from the Trails area at all times.

Volunteer Trail Work

If you enjoy riding the mountain bike trails at Atherton Forest Mountain Bike Park and would like to contribute to the ongoing maintenance of the trails, contact Tableland Cycle Sports.

Trail work is a fun, rewarding and a great way to meet fellow riders. Most importantly, it is a key element to keeping the trails in great condition.

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